Spotlight: TAM (2017)


The wind blew as ‘twad blawn its last;
The rattling showers rose on the blast;
The speedy gleams the darkness swallow’d
Loud, deep, and lang, the thunder bellow’d:
That night, a child might understand,
The Deil had business on his hand.

Some of you may know these lines well…

Tam O’Shanter is Burns’ most sustained single poetic effort, as well as the only example among his poems of this kind of narrative poetry. It was written at a time when he was beset with all kinds difficulties and worries, and it showed him to be a master of verse narrative as no Scots poet had been since the fifteenth century. Personally, it’s my favourite poem; Dark. Emotive. Comical. Exhilarating. Terrifying. Shrewd. Irresponsible. Mocking. Warning. The list continues!

In October this year, the Burns’ classic will be brought to the big screen in TAM, a modernised cultural adaptation set in the gritty depths of Glasgow. The 15-minute short pays homage to the Burns’ classic, but also significantly modernises the verse, adopting the Glasgow vernacular that only a true Scot will recognise.

Tam is a misguided soul who ventures out in to the darkness after a night of hedonism, drugs and partying. He quickly descends into a hallucinogenic mind-trip filled with ghouls, witches and devils, and we watch the darkness of Tam’s inner psyche unravel as he battles the demons within himself.

Catch a glimpse of the deil himsel’ in the trailer for TAM now… and keep yer eyes peeled for a full review soon!


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